Wedding Venue Do’s and Do nots

Many couples often overlook the importance of laying out a comfortable, sensible reception space, and just assume that venue managers have their best interests in mind.   However, that’s not always the case! Read our Reception Venue Layout do’s and do nots!

Throughout the planning process with your wedding venue, it’s not only important to discuss general layout & decor items that you hold with high importance, but also take time to review the exact floor plan, and look for any abnormalities that may obstruct a smooth-flowing celebration.

Here’s a short list of Reception Venue Layout Do’s & Don’ts:

Venue Layout DO’s

  1. Keep, at least, two main traffic patterns.
  2. Keep the Bridal Party table as centered as possible.
  3. Place your dance floor in the middle of the room.
  4. Keep draws like Photo Booths & Candy Tables in the main room.
  5. Always opt for a smaller dance floor, rather than a larger one (dance floors that are too big make people feel like they are in the spotlight, resulting in hesitation to dance).
  6. Place the gift table near the entrance (not in the far corner).
  7. Position your cake table away from the main traffic pattern.

Venue Layout DONT’s

  1. Don’t place elderly guests near the DJ system.
  2. Don’t put the BAR outside of the main room.
  3. Don’t create a lounge space outside of the room.
  4. Don’t pick a reception venue where tables will be overcrowded (instead, look for a larger space)
  5. Don’t ever place your DJ/Band in the corner of the room, farthest from the dance floor.
  6. Don’t place guest tables between the sound system & dance floor.
  7. Don’t position guest tables too close to each other (keep them close, but comfortable).