When should you hire a wedding DJ?

when should you hire a wedding dj

You probably found this because you are planning an upcoming wedding.  Congratulations!  You\’re probably wondering when you should hire all of your professional vendors/services. The advice you will find online is probably a little bit confusing.  

Like anything, the longer you wait to do something, the fewer the options there is for you to pick from.  Sometimes when you wait too long, you most definitely won\’t get your first choice, maybe even your second or third. 

What is your Wedding Date?

Another thing to consider is the date of your wedding.  Each year, we notice a few key dates that everyone seems to fight over. 

Is the DJ in high demand?

I always tell potential clients looking for a great DJ, make sure at a minimum, you pick your wedding day and secure your reception venue.  We price our services based on the specifics of your wedding day and the venue has a lot to do with that price quote.  

On average, most of my past clients have booked me at least a year in advance.